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oreo or nothing

February 18, 2011

If forced to pick my favorite treat to bake, it would be Oreo Cookie Cookies from Sugar Cooking. I doubt I’d ever be forced to do that, unless by the same gun-wielding villain who forced me to eat 30 butt-pounds’ worth of them in college. Trauma aside, it was with great delight that I found the recipe last year.

The first time I made these, I brought them to my “book” (wine) club, and before long we were all showing off our black- and wine-stained teeth as we passionately discussed the symbolism, characterization, and irony of everything in our lives other than the book in question.

the twist: I prefer to bake them into bars rather than cookies, as the recipe suggests. In a pan, they stay gooier, and you can cut them into large, thick diabetes slabs like you see on display at Starbucks.

ingreeds: I’ve made them with orange-cream Oreos for a Halloween party (don’t bong bourbon on an empty stomach!), and with red-cream ones for the holidays (the proceeds went to the purchase of a Knitting Basket from Heifer International).

Give them a try! They’re my go-to cookie treat, and the starting point for a lot of my dessert experiments. Stay tuned…


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