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speckled cable hat

February 20, 2011

photo by chandana reddy

My favorite thing about hats, besides the fact that you only have to style the lower half of your hair if you wear one regularly, is that you can knit one with only one skein. They’re fast projects, so you can make a whole bunch and change your “head sweater” every day if you want. I’m drawn to chunky, textured styles in particular.

This winter I made two from my favorite knitting book, Hattitude, and you can check them out on my Ravelry page (my name is kn1tfaced). One of them is cute, and the other didn’t turn out quite right. I’ll have to expand on that in another post…

This pattern actually didn’t come from Hattitude; it’s the “Chunky Cable Hat” from Ravelry member Emily Wessel. It was very easy to follow, and a single (size-10.5) DPN made a perfect cable needle.

the twist: I did go with a narrow brim (70 stitches around) and a wider body of the hat (80). I had to recalculate the decreasing pattern accordingly, but that wasn’t hard to do, and it gave the hat a big more height.


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