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iLove blackberries

April 23, 2011

For those of you who haven’t been within earshot of me this week, I finally got a new phone. This is a very big deal. Since I try to keep my blog more about things I love than things I don’t, I’ll try to keep this rant brief:

I hated my BlackBerry. Oh, how I waited for that contract to be over. Having track balls ruined by tiny bits of beach sand, the ever-blinking red LED light, the daily battery pulls, having to follow Crackberry on Twitter, rapidly running out of BlackBerry Messenger friends to talk to…It was not for me. I love my new phone so much I want to spin around and toss it in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. And I would, except I don’t have insurance for it yet.

As you can see, I’m a bit unhinged. To celebrate the fact that “blackberry” now means “delicious fruit” and not “chubby device that needs seven minutes to display one simple image,” (deep breath!) I’d like to make the perfect blackberry dessert.

Hit me. What have you made with blackberries?


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